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Simple full-featured finite state machine for your project

Updated 1 month ago

d2 grammar for tree-sitter

Updated 6 days ago

A simple way to parse a string using type annotations.

Updated 8 months ago

Easy build a configs from environment variables and use it in globally.

Updated 8 months ago

Deploy to production using `docker stack deploy`

Updated 2 weeks ago

enve helps you work with environment variables and convert it to any type using only type annotations.

Updated 8 months ago

Updated 10 months ago

My personal templates

Updated 5 months ago

Site with recipes which cares about privacy

Updated 1 week ago

Updated 2 months ago

This is a small but functional library that converts your nix configurations into lua format.

Updated 4 months ago

Dotenv section switcher

Updated 4 weeks ago

Generate projects from templates

Updated 4 weeks ago

A curated list of amazingly awesome open source sysadmin resources.

Updated 7 days ago

Simple SQL migration manager for your project.

Updated 4 weeks ago

healthy workaholic timer – A tool that keeps you from breaking your health by working all day.

Updated 4 weeks ago

Personal settings for my system, home and programs

Updated 3 days ago

Updated 9 hours ago